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35% Off Carbon Tubular Wheelsets For Road & Triathlon With Free Shipping & Get An Extra $50 Off When You Pick Up.

Carbon Tubular wheel sets with free shipping Australia wide & 3 year warranty. The difference with tubular wheels is that you glue the tyre/tube as one unit onto the wheel, they’re is no separate tube. The benefits of this system over the more commonly used clincher is mainly weight reduction because the wheel doesn’t have as much material around then clincher hooks. These wheels are mostly used by racers though as a puncture means replacing the whole tube/tyre combination which is more expensive than just a tube and not easy on the side of the road. We hand build our carbon tubular wheel sets with rims finished in a stealth matt black with subtle silver logos. High TG heat resins, two to one spoke ratios & super stable hubs are just the start of how we make your next wheel choice much easier. These wheels are for racers that want super light wheels and yes they are tubular tape compatible as well as glue.

Carbon Tubular Wheel Sets

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